Our Labor-Management Partnership



A strong commitment to labor-management cooperation and safe, protected infrastructure in and around Scranton are at the heart of our agreements between IBEW 81 -Affiliated Electricians and our Industry Partners and Contractors. We are united to bring the highest level of quality and productivity to Scranton's Electrical and Energy infrastructure projects, which translates into efficient projects, energy-savings, and zero work-stoppages.

As you scale your business and projects, we provide an expandable and scalable workforce, drawing on our network of skilled electricians and trades people from across the country.

How May We Help?

As a Developer, General Contractor, Architect, or  Business owner located in or near Scranton, your next industrial, commercial, institutional or residential project needs to be on time and under budget. Our contractors keep their sophisticated shops up to date with state-of-the-art equipment. We bring innovative and creativity to the design, manufacture, and installation of the most complex building  and energy systems across America. The training, education, and quality that is only provided by IBEW-Affiliated Electricians  ensures that the highest quality work is brought, every day, to diverse construction projects and requirements throughout the Long Island and New York region.

Each and every assignment, large or small, we  assure you : all of our building projects are completed safely and efficiently.


Our IBEW-affiliated contractors and the crafts people they employ meet or surpass all contract requirements on time, to specifications and with an outstanding degree of safety.


IBEW 81 Affiliated Electricians demonstrate superior quality work on each and every assignment. We ensure that your building projects are completed in the most efficient and safe manner, every time.

Please contact us with your questions and project specifics!