Local #81, I.B.E.W. Salting Policy

   How we salt!  The Local union determines who salts and where they salt.  All salts must be trained prior to making an application to a non-union shop.   After salting training, if the member is a good fit as a salt they must sign a Salting Agreement.  The Membership Development Representative will direct the salt as to where and when to apply, which may include:  Non-union shops, Non-union job sites, Temporary Agencies, Newspaper Ads, Online Ads.  Before you answer any Ad for employment you must first contact the Membership Development Representative and he will let you know as to whether you can or can’t apply.


  If you are out working for a non-union contractor without the knowledge of the Local’s Business Manager or sent out by the Membership Development Representative, whether or not you took the salting class you will be brought up on charges for working non-union.


If you would like to be part of a salting class (or take a refresher class) please inform our office and as soon as we can we will inform you when the class will take place.


Below is some of the IBEW policy for Salting:


The original purpose and intent of IBEW local union members being allowed to apply for and accept employment with non-signatory employers was and still is a critical and valuable tool in organizing

It is important, to understand that the original objective or reason for salting - which remains true today - is to represent the employees and sign the nonunion employer to a union collective bargaining agreement!

Salts shall be the local union’s “best hands” on the job and show the nonunion employer that IBEW electricians are the best trained, most productive electricians in the world, thereby demonstrating the value the nonunion employer gains by having access to the local union referral system.

Salts shall at all times, work to gain the respect and trust of nonunion co-workers in order to be credible and effective organizers for the union.


Salts shall take direction from, and be accountable to, the business manager or his/her representative with respect to their organizing efforts on the job.


It is intended that salts shall work for a targeted nonunion employer indefinitely, until they are notified by the business manager that the organizing effort at the targeted employer has failed.  If the organizing effort succeeds, it is intended that the salt will remain as a regular employee of the new signatory employer.

Only unemployed members or potential members - not full-time paid local union organizers or officers - shall be salts.


Salting is Not a Free Ride to a paycheck from a Rat Contractor!