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Apprenticeship with the Scranton Electricians

 For more than 50 years the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC)

has been working to create the best trained, most up to date electric workforce in the country. More than 30,000 apprentices and 44,000 journeyman electrical workers will receive advanced training this year.

  These electrical workers will receive training in telecommunications wiring, fiber optics, fire alarms, programmable logic controls, power quality, safe job practices, the National Electrical Code, and much, much more. By the time an apprenticeship reaches journeyman status, he or she will have earned the equivalent of 47 semester hours of college credit, according to the American Council of Education.

    NJATC trained journeymen receive an average of 180 hours per year of classroom training during their five year apprenticeship program. NJATC's 120 full-time Training Directors and 2,500 instructors train apprentices and jou rneymen alike.

    The NJATC is privately funded training program. All of the eighty million dollars annually spent on training comes from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) not from taxes or your pocket!

  • Applying to Local #81's Apprenticeship.  The application is four (4) pages long you need to click on the four (4) links below starting with IMG to IMG_0003 and individually print them out so you can fill out the application.  Once you have filled out the application in the appropiate spaces only and have all your information bring it to our office any Monday between the hours of 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M.

              Local #81's Geographical Area covers 8 counties.  You must reside within the Geographical Area  noted below in order to apply.

  • BRADFORD COUNTY: Town of Towanda.  That portion of the county east of the Susquehanna River south of Towanda and east of U.S. Highway #6 north of Towanda to U.S. Highway 220, east of U.S. #220 to State Highway #199, east of State Highway #199 to the New York state line.
  • LACKAWANNA COUNTY: The entire county with the exception of that portion of Lehigh Township west of Highway 215 (Dupont-Thornhurst) and north of the Thornhurst Road to State Highway 115.
  • LUZERNE COUNTY: That portion east of a line following the Susquehanna River south to the City of Pittston, east and south on the limits of Pittston, but excluding it, to U.S. Highway 11, east on 11 to Dupont Borough abd Highway 215, and southeast on 215.  Also that portion of Luzerne County south and east of a line following the Thornhurst Road, southwest to State Highway 115 and southeast on 115 to the Mornoe County line.
  • MONROE COUNTY: Barrett, Coolbaugh, PAradise, and Price Townships and that portion of Tobyhanna and Tunkhannock Townships east of State Highway 115.
  • PIKE COUNTY: The entire county with the exception of Delaware, Lehman, and Porter Townships.
  • WYOMING COUNTY: That portion east of the Susquehanna River.
  • WAYNE COUNTY: Entire County
  • Any questions you may have about the application process or where you are located call our office at: (570) 344-5711.

                       "HOW TO APPLY"


  • Applications will be accepted any Monday between 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM at the address noted.
  • Applications are also available at Local #81 Website, .  All information and fees must be provided in order to process your application.






  • $20.00 Application Fee


  1. 17 years of age to apply - 18 years of age at time of selection and indenture.
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Show evidence of successful completion of:  one full year of algebra with a passing grade, or one post high school algebra course with a passing grade.
  4. Be at least a high school graduate or have a GED, or in lieu of a high school diploma or GED have a two year Associate Degree or higher.
  5. Provide an official transcript for high school (year or years completed) and post high school education and training. All GED records must be submitted, if applicable.
  6. Possess and maintain a valid Driver's License.
  7. You must live within the Geographical Area of Local #81 (shown on the website) in order to apply.
  8. $20.00 Application Fee

     /   Phone Numbers: (570)344-3953  /  (570)344-5711

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